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Lizzy + Micah's Houston Arboretum Engagement Shoot

When I reflect on the moment in my life that I experienced the biggest population of mosquitos, nothing tops Lizzy and Micah's engagement shoot at the Houston Arboretum! These little bugs were on a mission and kept us from hanging out in one spot for more than 30 seconds. The protected nature sanctuary located in the Memorial area bans mosquito trucks from spraying in the area to maximize preservation of the habitat and it's animals and critters. This didn't stop Lizzy and Micah from having an amazing time during their engagement shoot and actually ended up being a fun challenge! These two are a power couple, both finishing school to become doctors, and both had the kindest souls. I am so excited to photograph their wedding at The Coffee House at West End in December! Check out these favorites from their Houston engagement shoot below.


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